Sunday morning DISCIPLESHIP CLASSES      


Understanding the Significance of the Old Testament

Course Description: Each week covers 1-3 OT books, looking at major theological themes & the big unfolding story of Scripture
Class Format:  Lecture with Q&A
Homework: Mild; strongly recommend skimming upcoming books & watching BibleProject summary videos
Suggested Ages: High school students and up
Facilitator: Chris Cavitt
Cost: None


Training Yourself for Godliness

Course Description: An exploration of how you can become a vibrant, healthy Christian by regularly offering to God three main dimensions of your life - your attention, your emotions and your limits. Based on A Short Guide to Spiritual Disciplines by Mason King
Class Format: Short lecture & group discussion
Homework: Mild4-18 pages of reading required each week
Suggested Ages: Middle school students and up
Facilitators: Greg Smith and Matt Holland
Cost: $10


An Inductive Bible Study

Course Description: An in-depth, verse-by-verse study of the book of 1 Samuel. Learn how to read & study the Bible better & be fed, encouraged, & convicted by the faithful work of God recorded in Scripture.
Class Format:  Short Lecture & group discussion
Homework: Moderate; 3-5 chapters of Bible reading & about 7 pages of workbook exercises/questions required each week
Suggested Ages: High school students and up
Facilitators: Johnny Sink & Matt Trent
Cost: $20