EQUIP Sunday Morning Discipleship classes

Defending the faith

Apologetics is the study and practice of giving answers for the reasonableness and truth of the Christian Fatih.  This 8-week course will prepare you and help develop the tools needed to give an answer for "the hope that is in you." (1 Peter 3:15)

The big picture of scripture

Biblical theology is the discipline of learning how to read the Bible as one story by one divine author that culminates in the person and work of Christ, so that every part of Scripture is understood in relation to Christ. 
Do you find it difficult to pray? Maybe you struggle knowing what to pray or how long to pray? This class will dive into prayers from scripture, helping you to develop tools for prayer. 

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About Sunday Mornings EQUIP

Here is what to plan for

During the first half of 2023 we are launching our EQUIP Discipleship hour where we will be offering two new adult classes along with a children's and youth option. Classes will run in two cycles beginning on January 15th and ending on May 21st. During each of the two cycles you have the opportunity to take each of courses listed above. Each of the option will be available during both cycles, meaning you can take two classes this spring. 
The second cycle will take place from March 19-May 14 (Easter Sunday will be a break week).  Please indicate which course you desire to take during the first cycle. Sign-ups for the second cycle will begin mid-February.  If you have any questions about the Spring Session of EQUIP please contact us here.