and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also. 

2 Timothy 2:2

We value discipleship and desire to see believers grow in their knowledge, love for, and likeness to Christ. To that end, we offer theological seminars or comprehensive Bible studies throughout the year geared toward helping individuals grow in their faith and knowledge of scripture and theology.
We have begun a new year of study here at New Century. EQUIP is our Sunday morning discipleship hour.  We hope you will join us as we take a deeper look at some of the most important questions a believer in Christ should be asking.


Sunday Morning 9:00

EQUIP is our Sunday morning discipleship ship class that is designed to equip the believer to faithfully represent Christ in their day-to-day life. Each week we explore the tough questions focused on the spiritual life. We then seek to answer those questions in such as way that believers develops a solid foundation rooted in scripture and doctrine. During every class our goal is to show the truths gained through the lesson affect our relationship with God, God's People (the church), and God's world. 



by Juli Slattery
Course Description:  Learn how to live out God’s design for sex and sexuality in a culture that distorts both.
Facilitators:  Jack and Deb Orsinger
Learning Outcomes:
     * Understand God’s unique design for sex and marriage and why it is that He created us as sexual beings.
     *  Learn to guard against the way our culture has sabo- taged  and counterfeited our views on marriage, intimacy and sexuality.
     *  Learn how a biblical understanding of sexuality equips us to better steward our own sexuality with respect to marriage, singleness and intimacy with God and others.


by Sam Chan
Course Description:  Learn to naturally and winsomely share your faith through studying Scripture and our Western culture.
Facilitators:  Matt Trent, Aaron Smith, Jeremy Teubert
Learning outcomes: 
     *  Understand the spiritual realities in play when approaching the task of evangelism.
     *  Learn various methods and techniques for sharing the Gospel in a natural way.
     *  Learn how to respond to common objections to the Gospel.
     *  Discover how our culture influences the way we should share the Gospel.


by William J. Dumbrell
Course Description:  Learn the conceptual and theological structures of each Old Testament book and why they are so important for our spiritual lives.
Facilitator:  Chris Cavitt
Learning Outcomes:
     * Understand the key themes and theological structures in each book of the OT.
     *  Understand how key OT concepts apply to modern day life.
     *  Discover how each book in the OT and its key themes point us to Christ.

How EQUIP engages

Our Relationship with God

We want your relationship with God to flourish under the splendor of his Glory. The scripture and doctrine covered each week will help strengthen your faith and love for the Tri-Une God.

Our Relationship with God's People

The church is the representative of God on earth. How we interact and love each other affects the way we worship.

Our Relationship with God's World

God has chosen to use humanity as his instrument of sharing the Good news. EQUIP exists to help train you to go and make disciples.

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