Inside Out: Discovering the Secret to Life Change


Pursuing Transformation

Pursuing Transformation Art Work

April 15, 2018 | By: Chase Krug | Scripture: Matthew 6:19-24

Today we wrapped up our series Inside Out: Discovering the Secret to Life Change. Everyone is broken which means our problem is inside of us. True change comes from the inside-out because it starts with our heart. The solution? It's in beholding God's glory that we can become more like Him.

Behold His Glory

Behold His Glory Art Work

April 8, 2018 | By: Chase Krug | Scripture: 2 Corinthians 3:18

Telling people what to do doesn’t give them the power to do it. It’s only when we’re captivated by God’s glory that we’re able to live out God’s will and discover the satisfaction and joy that comes from knowing Him.

What's Your Treasure?

What's Your Treasure? Art Work

March 18, 2018 | By: Chase Krug | Scripture: Matthew 6:19-24

Everyone has a treasure. Our treasure controls our heart. Our heart controls our life and behavior. Thus, life change happens when we change our treasure. The only way to dethrone the sinful pleasure that fights for control of our heart is to find satisfaction in the superior pleasure offered to us in Christ.

A Tree And Its Fruit

A Tree And Its Fruit Art Work

March 11, 2018 | By: Chase Krug | Scripture: Luke 6:43-45

Our behaviors are produced by the treasures of our hearts. In order to take a brutally honest look into our own hearts, we have to know that God has forgiven everything we find in there.

Good Change. Bad Change.

Good Change. Bad Change. Art Work

March 4, 2018 | By: Chase Krug |

In the New Testament, Jesus reserves some of His harshest criticisms for those whose “life change” is beautiful on the outside, but fake on the inside. God isn’t honored by mere behavior modification. He’s honored when our life change is a result of a heart that’s been transformed by His love and grace.

What's the Problem? Understanding the Root of Our Brokenness.

What's the Problem? Understanding the Root of Our Brokenness. Art Work

February 25, 2018 | By: Chase Krug |

Most of us believe that our biggest problems are outside out of us. The Bible says our biggest problems are inside of us. True change happens when we recognize that our sinful hearts are our biggest problem and allow God to change us from the Inside Out.



What Did You Expect?

By: Thomas Brown |

Are we guilty of putting false expectations on God? Sometimes we expect God is to do a certain thing in our life because we know He can and that causes us to expect what we want rather than the will of God. Sometimes we aren’t going to understand what God is doing, we just have to trust and believe Him, putting our hope in Christ and our expectation is who He really is.

Being a Mary in a Martha World

By: Chase Krug |

Many of us believe that a full schedule is the same as having a full life. Jesus gives us a powerful but loving critique to that mindset in the story of Mary and Martha as we see that we weren't created to be busy, we were created for Christ.

Easter Sunday

By: Chase Krug |

What will you believe? We can't afford to get this wrong, eternity is at stake.

The Status Quo

By: Jonathan Wagner |

The Pharisees were obsessed with their place in society, and unable and unwilling to yield to Jesus' lordship. Similarly, the condition of our hearts is marred by sin. We must resist our desire to preserve our place and status. Instead, we must appropriately revel at his glory and follow him.

Test and Discern: Discovering God's Will For Your Life

By: Chase Krug |

Few things comfort us more than knowing that God has a plan for our lives. But how do we discover than plan? What job do we take? Who do we marry? Can we really know God's will for our lives? Yes, we can.

Scout Sunday: Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout.

By: Aaron Smith |

Celebrating Scout Sunday as the anniversary of Scouting in the United States, Aaron Smith makes parallels between being a Scout and our walk with Christ. Earning Eagle Scout is an accomplishment, but being sanctified by God to be holy and transformed to be like Christ is an amazing process promised in scripture.

7 Laps: The Battle of Jericho

By: Chase Krug |

God is passionate about His glory and often chooses displays it through human weakness. Even when we don't understand God's plans, His presence and promises are enough.

How Can I Know That I'm Saved?

By: Chase Krug |

The Bible says that there are many people who are absolutely certain they will spend eternity with Christ when in reality they will spend eternity apart from Christ. How can you really know if you have eternal life?

Be Holy For I Am Holy: The Message of Leviticus

By: Chase Krug |

Explores the powerful timeless truths of a book that, for many, seems completely irrelevant for life in the 21st century.